Divorced and Separated

The Divorced & Separated Group is for people who have recently become separated or divorced and are looking for a safe environment in which to discuss the emotional and at times complicated feelings in a supportive atmosphere.

The ministry is open to both men and women. The evening begins with a prayer and a time for attendees to share how they are dealing with their own separation or divorce process. Attendees can participate in the discussion as much or as little as they are comfortable.

The Divorced and Separated Group establishes the meeting day according the availability of the group members. The *meetings are held every two weeks at the Parish Center at 7pm in the evening under the guidance of 
Ministry Coordinator, Rebecca Udell, Ph.D.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions,
please contact Ministry Coordinator:
Dr. Udell at (310) 402-6385.

* Please visit the Parish calendar to confirm meeting times/dates.


The following is an excerpt from a Parish Newsletter article featuring Ministry Coordinator Ms. Udelll ~ 

 “This group offers a lot of support and sharing of information that’s
helpful to someone new to the process,”
says Rebecca Udell, a facilitator of the Divorced and Separated Ministry.

“We have people newly dealing with the divorce process, some who are currently navigating through a divorce, and some who have been separated or divorced for a long time. Those who have been divorced a while are great support to those who are newly divorced.”

"It's good to hear from others - that first six months are tough" Rebecca says.  "We encourage people that are separated, divorced or struggling, however they feel about divorce or separation, to come to the group. If anything, it's more about a place to feel support and know that you're not alone."