Martha's Kitchen

Martha’s Kitchen is an Outreach Ministry of the Parish serving breakfast and
friendship to people who are homeless or have insufficient income to meet 

their basic needs.

Every Friday - beginning at 4:30am – Ministry Volunteers are at work 
in the parish kitchen preparing a fresh, nutritious and tasty meal. 
From 6:00-8:30am – Guests are welcomed in the parish hall with
respect, courtesy and a bountiful selection of food. 
Volunteers strive to provide a friendly and safe environment for guests
to relax, socialize if they wish, and receive food, toiletries
and information about resources.  

The Martha’s Kitchen Ministry welcomes new members who are interested 
in helping. In addition to those who help prepare, serve and clean on Friday
mornings, other volunteers work on Thursday evenings chopping the fresh
vegetables that will be cooked the following day.

Call the Parish Center Office for information about Volunteering.