Facility/Calendar Request

It is the policy of Church of the Good Shepherd (Parish) to allow ministries and groups associated with the Parish (User) to enjoy supervised use of the following facilities (scroll down to complete reservation request form):


located west of the church

  • Parish Hall Kitchen (please note specific guidelines below for kitchen and food service areas)
  • Parish Hall Meeting Room (adjacent to the Hall in the back with an interior door)
  • Parish Hall Patio (directly outside the west church entrance)
  • Parking Lot (adjacent to the Parish Center west of the Parish Hall and Church)

adjacent to the parking lot, west of the church & parish hall

  • Conference Room 1 (smallest of the meeting rooms with seating for 10-12)
  • Conference Room 3 (can accommodate two large banquet tables and/or row seating for chairs only)
  • Good Shepherd Room (largest of the 3 meeting rooms - Theatre seating 60-80; Table seating 36-50)
  • Parish Center Kitchen (adjacent to the Good Shepherd Room, but, accessible by separate doorways to other meeting rooms)
  • Sacred Heart Chapel (adjacent to the eastside of the Parish Center)

General guidelines for use of Parish facilities

User submits the request below. Upon approval, the event will be added to the Parish calendar, the facility will be reserved, and an email confirmation will be sent.  The User agrees to be responsible for the care and appropriate treatment of Parish facilities.

  • If any keys are required, they will be issued by staff at the Parish Office.
  • If decorations or signage is used, care shall be taken to prevent damage to the facility. No nails or permanent hooks, tape or adhesives that leave marks shall be used.
  • If it is necessary to cover or remove any signage or posters in place, they shall be restored upon completion of the event.
  • At the conclusion of the event the facility, furniture and equipment shall be left in a clean and orderly condition.
  • The User is charged with assuring that all is in order, windows are closed, lights turned off, doors locked and keys returned to the Parish Office.

If children are present at the event, care shall be taken to ensure they are properly supervised and protected according to Safeguard the Children guidelines.


Parish Hall or Parish Center

  • The User agrees to leave the stove, counter tops, sink and floor clean and free from food, spills and debris.
  • If the User is not experienced with the operation of the stove or oven, please ask for instructions.
  • Instructions for cleaning the stove and oven in the Parish Hall Kitchen are posted on the side of the refrigerator.
  • Any dishes, tools or equipment used shall be cleaned and returned to where items were found.
  • Towels used to clean and dry dishes should be spread out to dry, not folded or placed in a bag and left in the kitchen.
  • All Trash generated, including empty boxes and bottles, should be taken to the dumpster.
  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, Food and Beverages left over from an event should not be left behind on counters, in the refrigerator or the freezer, but removed by the User or event Guests.
  • When an event includes food preparation, care shall be taken to adhere to proper food handling protocol. Please refer to “Food Handling Instructions for Location Kitchens” posted in the Parish Hall and Parish Center kitchens.
Event Details
Ministry or Group associated with the Parish
Event Name
The title of your event should speak to a target audience and include the type of event. I.E.: Ushers Training Meeting, Meditation Group Retreat, Catholic Women's Fellowship Group Meeting
Description of Event
Please provide information that describes the event, including special instructions/information for participants - details that would answer Most Frequently Asked Questions.
Is this a recurring event/meeting?
If your event/meeting repeats on a regular basis, this recurring event can be easily added. Simply provide the day, time and location that the group will meet.
If YES, provide the specifics of the recurring event.
Enter the frequency of your event: i.e. Weekly, Monthly, Every other week, Every 3rd Saturday of the Month, etc.
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Event start time
Event end time
Event Location
If you need kitchen facilities, indicate that the kitchen is needed, i.e.: Parish Hall and Kitchen.
Suggest amount to offset costs of event $
Some events request participants to help offset the cost of the event by suggesting a nominal amount.
Post this event in the Bulletin?
When you indicate YES, this event will be posted in the Calendar section of the Parish Bulletin, which is usually the last page of the bulletin. The deadline for all notices is by 12 noon the Monday before the weekend the announcement is placed in the bulletin. (For Major holiday weekends, the deadline is two weeks prior.) Note: if you would like this event mentioned in the pulpit announcements please contact the Parish Office.
Prep/Set up Time needed
Please note that each event coordinator must provide volunteers to set up and take down any tables and chairs that are needed for the event.
Take down/Clean up Time needed
Please have your volunteers return all tables and chairs used for the event to their appropriate places.
Room set-up and equipment requirements
Please note that the event coordinator must provide volunteers for set up and take down of tables and chairs needed for each event.
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