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Welcome to Church of the Good Shepherd

Sunday Mass is below

Hi Good Shepherd Friends from a quiet and lonely Church,

Fr. Colm O’Ryan and I are “staying home” and enjoying good health.  We celebrate Mass every day and post a daily video.  We also record a Sunday Mass on Saturday and post it by Sunday morning.  Although this has become the “new normal” at Good Shepherd during this COVID-19 pandemic, we both miss your smiling faces on Sundays!  

During this crisis our work continues and our staff is answering your calls, keeping our information online updated and praying for your requests even though our physical doors may be closed. However, that is now being threatened by COVID-19.  We are not receiving a Sunday mass collection anymore but still incur operational expenses and provide emergency help for those in dire need.  Your past generosity has been a blessing and we hope that you continue to support us during these critical times. 

Also, in the midst of this crisis I began a ministry called, “Feed My Poor.”  It is based on the command of Jesus to feed those that are most forgotten and neglected in society.  Due to the economic slowdown, the homeless are not getting the assistance they normally would from companies and agencies. We are preparing sandwiches and other food and dropping it off with the homeless. They appreciate it so much and tell us, “God Bless you.”  We are blessing them with food and they are blessing us with their prayers. 

Lastly, any food donations would be greatly appreciated.  Please call the parish office Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm to arrange a time when you could drop off any donations of sliced bread, ham, cheese, cold cuts, or other items for sandwiches. 

Until the whole world returns to normal, let’s stay healthy and trust in Christ!
God’s blessings on your families!
Fr. Ed Benioff

Mass - May 31, 2020
Order of Worship

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                 Thank You & God Bless You!                




Safe Secure Online Giving 

*Public Masses have been suspended until further notice.
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During this time of Covid19, washing your hands, practicing social distancing, making a spiritual act of communion, and supporting your parish
are just a few recommended prescriptions for your
body and soul during the coronavirus pandemic.


*bottled water
*donated food truck
*homemade hot dishes

*sliced bread
*sliced cheese
*sliced deli meats

Please call the office for any questions or to donate wish list items.