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Welcome to Church of the Good Shepherd

SUNDAY MASS is below

Hi Friends ~ Fr. Ed Benioff here! 

Warm greetings from our entire staff: Principal Danielle Colvert, and the team of phenomenal teachers and staff at our school, Adult Initiation Director Sr. Virginia Stehly, Music Minister Terry Hicks, Michelle Anglade, Penny Duffy, Hazel Dee and Jeffrey Williams who all assist with the important work we do at Good Shepherd.  We are blessed with these amazing dedicated people and I thank God for them.  Of course, I also thank God for Fr. Colm O’Ryan who is a great preacher and dear friend.

As we approach November and the Thanksgiving holiday, it is time for all of us to count our many blessings.  As a world, nation and church, we continue to struggle with the ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are reminded by St. Paul in his first letter to the Thessalonians to “give thanks in all circumstances”. Yes, this includes our current situation.  Even during these difficult and crazy times, we are called as disciples to give thanks since “This is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”.

This Holiday season, I invite you to express your gratitude to Almighty God by participating in our “FeedMyPoor” ministry campaign.  Over the last 7 months generous gifts have been made which enabled us to make and distribute 85,000 meals!  I am most grateful for this outpouring of love because with each meal we've reached 85,000 lives!  

However, we are seeing a tragic trend as more men, women and children have become homeless over this time and the situation is getting worse.  We find ourselves in the middle of a humanitarian crisis here in Los Angeles and God is calling us to respond with love.  The best way we can show gratitude to Almighty God for our many blessings is by feeding His poor. We want our ministry to be strong as we move into 2021 to meet this need.

As your Pastor, I am fully committed to feeding the homeless, but I need your financial help. By expanding our “FeedMyPoor” ministry we can implement ways to reach even more people.  Our initial expansion plan includes a food truck and designated cook, with a fundraising goal of $200,000 to feed the homeless for all of 2021.  Your charitable gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed and the blessings of gratitude are immense.

You can contribute to this campaign safely and securely right HERE or by mailing a check to the Parish with “FeedMyPoor” on the memo line. 

Lastly, I want to thank God for you!  Your prayers and expressions of love make all the difference in the world.  Your kindness, generosity and warm spirit make our Good Shepherd community alive and well!  Your faith allows others to see that God’s love is real and that we are called to share this amazing love with others. 

God be with you!
Fr. Ed Benioff, Pastor 

Mass - October 25, 2020
Order of Worship

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                 Thank You & God Bless You!                




Mary garden behind church.

During this time of Covid19, washing your hands, practicing social distancing, making a spiritual act of communion, and supporting your parish
are just a few recommended prescriptions for your
body and soul during the coronavirus pandemic.


*bottled water
*sliced bread
*sliced cheese
*sliced deli meats

Please call the office for any questions or to donate wish list items.